Here are a few random thoughts regarding the debacle that was the hiring and then the not hiring of Greg Schiano as Tennessee’s next head football coach…

  • Let’s call this episode for what it truly was.  This was a case of a delusional, mob-mentality fan base who threw a hissy fit when athletic director John Currie didn’t hire the man they wanted for the job, a coach they had no chance of hiring, Jon Gruden.  They disguised their anger by claiming they opposed the hiring of Schiano because of his association with the Penn State football program as an assistant coach during the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  Despite there being no proof he knew of any of Sandusky’s improprieties, Schiano was labeled complicit, and therefore, unfit to be hired, by Tennessee supporters who in all honesty didn’t think Schiano was a good enough coach.  This coming from a school that is 62-64 in the last 10 years and is at best, the seventh best school in the SEC.  In the real world, that’s guilt by association, an unreasonable excuse for stopping an employer’s hiring process.  In the fantasy world of Knoxville, Tennessee, it’s enough to get your way and to bring the school to its gutless knees.  Here’s hoping that the employment lawyers, who are currently circling like planes trying to land at Hartsfield Airport, bleed the university dry.
  • The next casualty in this whole affair is Tennessee athletic director John Currie.  His failure to squash the rumors that Gruden was even considering the job and his apparent pliable backbone when it came to confronting the social media lynch mob that wanted Schiano out before he started, makes Currie’s position with the school untenable.  Currie sent a message to every potential coach, regardless of the sport, that the decision makers at the school are not him or the administration but state legislators and Facebook groups and Twitter followers instead.
  • Clay Travis should be ashamed of himself and exposed for being a poisonous and hypocritical snake.  Travis, the current host of Fox Sports Radio’s “Outkick the Coverage” and former analyst on Fox Sports 1’s college football pre-game show and their weekly SEC football show, instigated this entire mess when after learning that Tennessee was set to hire Schiano tweeted, incorrectly, that Schiano knew about child rape at Penn State and kept it quiet, adding that his hiring as the Vols next head coach was disgraceful.  The tweet incited the ensuing social media mob that led to the school’s reversal and was punctuated by a profanity laced blog post by Travis with the headline, “Tennessee Poised to Hire Loser Coach Named in Child Sex Investigation.”  His post included Currie’s cell phone number so his readers could text their displeasure over the hiring and the oxymoronic line, “After all, I am the King of Tolerance and I sit on the Iron Throne of Inclusion.”  Mind you, this is the same Clay Travis who earlier on Periscope encourage Tennessee to hire Bobby Petrino as their next head football coach, the same Bobby Petrino, who as the head coach at Arkansas, lied to his boss about his adultery to a student-athlete development coordinator for the football program.  It seems Travis believes being unfaithful to your wife, intentionally misleading your athletic director and giving preferential treatment in hiring your lover to the football staff are better qualities for Tennessee next football coach then a hiring a proven winner at the FBS level who according to a Board of Trustee member at Penn State, was not involved in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  This whole episode proves that Travis’ opinions and his unsubstantiated statements are toxic to college football and that for the good of the sport, he needs to shut the hell up.
  • Fox college football analyst, Joe Klatt, perfectly summed up this dumpster fire when sent this tweet on Monday:  “Tennessee is now having to focus on coaches with ‘Tennessee ties’ because no one else will touch that job with a ten foot pole.  You were led by emotional hypocrites with a severe lack of football knowledge that incited an internet mob…you made your bed, now go to sleep!”

Now, here are some random thoughts about the play on the field for Week 13 in college football…

  • As of Sunday afternoon, it has been 421 days and counting since Michigan has defeated a team with a winning record.  The streak stayed intact after the Wolverines lost to Ohio State on Saturday, the third straight year Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has lost to the Buckeyes in his first three seasons at Ann Arbor.  The only other Michigan coach to lose his first three games to Ohio State was Rich Rodriquez.
  • Even though their loss to Auburn cost them a chance at a SEC championship, Alabama does have two scenarios in which they can still qualify for the college football playoffs.  An Ohio State victory over Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game increases Alabama’s chances, forcing the selection committee to choose between a one loss Crimson Tide and a two loss Buckeye team for one, if not the final, spot in the playoffs.  The second scenario, however, contains the best case for Nick Saban’s squad to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.  If TCU defeats Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game, the selection committee will have to choose between two teams who failed to win their conference, a one loss Alabama and a two loss Oklahoma.  With their only loss coming to a strong Auburn team, the edge in that scenario favors the Crimson Tide.
  • Central Florida’s 49-42 victory over South Florida made it possible for 51 players on UCF’s roster to experience both a winless and an undefeated season in their college career.
  • Here’s installment two of the 2017 College Football Head Coaching Speculation Carousel:
    • Tennessee–Jeff Brohm, head coach Purdue
    • Texas A&M–Jimbo Fisher, head coach Florida State
    • Arizona State–Kevin Sumlin, former head coach Texas A&M
    • Arkansas–Gus Malzahn, head coach Auburn
    • Nebraska–Scott Frost, head coach, Central Florida










7.Ohio State



9.Central Florida




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