Boomer Esiason still holds the Cincinnati Bengals record for most passing yards in a game and is tied for the most 300-yard games.

Jim Breech is the team’s all-time leading scorer in points and remains a beloved figure more than twenty years after his retirement.

Cris Collinsworth led the team in receptions and receiving yards several times in the 1980s–and topped the team in receiving touchdowns three times.

But these great players and many others aren’t in the Bengals’ Hall of Fame, and it’s for a simple reason:  It does not exist.  That needs to change, according to me, Mark Powell.

By creating its own Hall of Fame or Ring of Honor, the team would be paying tribute to its great players and personalities.  But it would need to determine who is eligible and who should be honored first.

Get a detailed look at one of the NFL’s most interesting franchises, discover its rich history, and decide for yourself who deserves to be among the Legends of the Jungle.

Legends of the Jungle is my first book and is now available at iuniverse.com.  Simply go to the website and select the Bookstore link.  From there, choose the Advance Search link and enter “Mark Powell” in the author field to get your copy.  You can also order it online at Barnes and Noble or at Amazon.com.

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